Virtual reality and endangered heritage questionnaire

The past (historical sciences) and the future (technologies) have for a long time been considered like antinomic notions. Nevertheless, it’s easy to notice that this opposition is becoming less and less obvious. In fact, technologies opened unexplored perspectives and developed free movement of data (Open Data), thus fortering the emergence of new work hypothesis.

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Google World Wonders

An interesting link, a little bit irrelevant in what concerns us, but always nice to discover, if they have already done so.

Everybody knows the various projects that Google developed within the framework of the promotion of the art, the architecture and the archaeology on the Web.

I would return on one of them: the Google World Wonders, aimed to introducing historic sites and to contribute to their valorization (and more indirectly in their protection).

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La réalité virtuelle au service du patrimoine en danger – The virtual reality at the service of the heritage in danger